Beer FOB’s, manifolds + beer pumps

Beer FOBs, Manifolds and Beer pumps

Bracton manufactures a full range of Beer FOBs, Manifolds and Beer pumps. For beer system and venue specifications contact an Bracton beer equipment specialist.


A Foam on Beer Detector (FOB) is used on long draught beer lines to minimise beer wastage. Beer FOBs is installed in the coolroom on the tapping board and contains a float which drops when the keg is empty, keeping the beer line charges with beer (rather than foam).

Precision manufactured Bracton Beer FOB detectors have a flow rate in Australia at over 24 litres per minute. Increased flow rate is essential to avoid float release in periods of high demand. With over 10,000 Bracton FOB detectors in the market, you cannot go wrong.

Model – Size

FDHF – Beer FOB Detector Bare / High Flow Tall
FDM – Beer FOB Detector Bare / High Flow short

FDBARB6/I – FOB Inlet Barb / S/S 6mm
FDBARB8/I – FOB Inlet Barb / S/S 8mm
FDBARB10/I – FOB Inlet Barb / S/S 10mm
FDBARB12/I – FOB Inlet Barb / S/S 12mm

FDBARBG56 – FOB Inlet Barb /G56 Beer pump – Short
FDBARBG56EXT – FOB Inlet Barb /G56 Beer pump – Long

FDBARB6/O – FOB Outlet Barb S/S 6mm
FDBARB8/O – FOB Outlet Barb S/S 8mm
FDBARB10/O – FOB Outlet Barb S/S 10mm
FDBARB12/O – FOB Outlet Barb S/S 12mm

FDMO5/8 – FOB Outlet 5/8BSPM
FDMMA – Manifold Adaptor/1/2″ Inline + nut & olive.
FDM1/2MM – Nipple 1/2″/Suit micromatic ball valves.

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bracton beer fob detectors


Bracton is the Australian distributor of Core Components Beer FOB detector range. The core range of FOB detectors have been precision manufactured to minimise hygiene issues and deliver perfect performance at and affordable price.

  • Reduce Beer Waste – increase profit
  • Stainless steel Fob Detectors designed to eliminate hygiene problems of most other fob detectors.
  • Self sealing spring-action venting mechanism external to the beer flow.
  • Rotating vent for easy installation
  • Symmetrically shaped float means no unhygienic guide pins and screws
  • Fully tapered base prevents the build up of beer stone in the corners
  • Optimal Sight glass seal which eliminates unhygienic gaps unlike typical face groove design

Model – Size

FDFEX02-XL – Fob Detector / 1-3 Taps

core inline beer fobs


Installing Bracton’s beer pump solution reduces beer gas consumption by 50 – 70% and increases the quality and life span of beer. The beer pump solution achieves this by reducing the volume of gas pressure required at the keg to enough to drive the beer from the keg to the beer pump (approximately 100kPa). Lower pressure at the keg also prevents over carbonation of the beer.

Bracton’s stainless steel FOB to beer pump manifolds minimise leak points, increase hygiene and help maintain a tidy cellar tapping board.

Model – Size

FJGSINGLE – Beer Pump / 1xG56 W/ fob, FDMMA out
FJGDUAL – Beer Pump / 2xG56 W/ fob, FDMMA out
FJGDUALFRV – Beer Pump / 2xG56 W/ fob & FRV FDMMA out

beer fobs stainless steel


Connect multiple taps to the one beer brand with ease. Bracton block manifolds deliver a scalable beer distribution solution from small hotels to stadium installations.

Model – Size

MBL010 – Manifold nipple 3/4″ S/S
MBL020 – Manifold Plug 3/4″ S/S
MBL050 – Block Manifold c/w Bracket / 1 Way
MBL100 – Block Manifold Elbow Adaptor
MBL200 – Block Manifold c/w Bracket / 2 Way
MBL300 – Block Manifold c/w Bracket / 3 Way
MBL400 – Block Manifold c/w Bracket / 4 Way

beer fob detector block manifold


Flojet the industry leader in beer pumps.

Model – Size

FJG56 – Beer Pump + 10mm barbs / Flojet G56
FJFRV – Flow reversal valve / Flojet G56
Beer pumps can be powered by a Bracton Silient Air Compressor