Bar Area

Keeping the service area behind the bar clean and hygienic can be a challenge. Bracton has developed a couple of economical, multi use products to keep cleaning inventories down and surfaces clean. Manage odours, mould, bar flies and hygiene with Bracton.


Smelly Glasswasher or Dishwasher? Chalky / scale  or unknown residues in glasswasher wash bay?  Add a cup of Bracton Descaler to the wash bay of your recirculating glass washer and run the machine through a couple of cycles. Best of all, by using Bracton Descaler you are actively reducing the chance of unscheduled machine down time and improving the machine performance as Bracton Descaler cleans the internal pipes clear of organic build up.

Make Bracton Descaler part of your preventative maintenance programs. All commercial glass and dish washing equipment needs to be descaled on a regular basis to protect against scale build-up, nasty odours caused by bacteria and moulds, and to remove surface corrosion.

Bracton Descaler is the only descaler that can be added directly to re-circulating glass washers during weekly during normal washing cycles. May also be used to clean standard non re-circulating glass washing machine with gloves, goggles and scourer.

Product Data Sheet – Bracton Descaler
(suitable for commercial glasswashers & dishwashers)

BD002    3 x 5L Carton
BD003   25L Drum


Dirty ice machines produce dirty ice, negatively impacting on the hygiene and taste of the beverage. Ultimately, poor quality ice in beverages will affect the health of the consumer and sales of spirit based mixers and cocktail sales. The two aspects of ice machines that should be maintained are the filter(s), and ice storage bins. It is recommended that ice machines be cleaned every six months to maintain adequate hygiene eliminating scale deposits, mould and fungus.

To clean ice machines it maybe necessary to consult the machines manual to locate the cleaning or recirculating mode switch and method statement. For a complete clean add one litre of Bracton Ice Machine Cleaner to every thirty litres of water in the system for recirculation. After the cleaning process is finished, rinse the machine other thoroughly to ensure no debris or chemical is left; an acid litmus test would be ideal.

BIM002    3 x 5L Carton
BIM003   25L Drum


Behind the bar can be the smelliest area in any hotel or club. These areas are commonly used as storage areas for beverage glasses and if left uncleaned are a breeding ground for mould, bacteria and bar flies increasing the risk of glass contamination leading to poor beverage presentation.

By keeping this area clean and hygienic with BractonSafe Spray Away and following up with a simple spray and wipe of BractonSafe Rejuvenator, you remove the habitat which bar flies require to breed. One clean with BractonSafe Rejuvenator will last up to 30 days.

Removing the impracticalities of weekly cleaning under-bar areas to remove the mould and bacteria from the underside of the bar and beer pythons.

Note: Rejuvenator is an oil and therefore should not be applied to floors or stairs where people walk. Rejuvenator is not for use on beer fittings that come into direct contact with the beverage (glasses, beer taps etc..).

BractonSafe Rejuvenator kills pungent odours and lengthens the period between cleaning cycles.

BR6750   6 x 750mL Carton


For general purpose daily odour neutralising in bar, toilets and front of house areas most venues use an odour masking air freshener, however air fresheners only temporarily mask the odour or are formulated to block sense of smell.

Bracton has taken a different approach with Vanilla Fresh, developing a commercial grade disinfectant, based off AQIS formulation that kills bacteria and mould and encapsulates odours at the source, working in areas where traditional deodorisers do not work. BractonSafe Vanilla Fresh is the most effective odour remover from indoor areas such as toilet areas to remover urine smells, garbage areas carpets, tiles, rubber mats, fridge, cars and more.

Vanilla Fresh is ideal for the cleaning of commercial fridges, fridge seals and freezers.

BVF12750   12x750mL Spray Packs
BVF004   3 x 5L Carton
BVF002   25L Drum


There are some trade secrets to achieving a showroom finish on brushed and mirror finish stainless steel surfaces.

With the right equipment and application method your stainless steel surfaces can achieve a flawless finish with minimal effort.  The key mistake made when cleaning stainless steel is that the user applies too much product or selects the wrong product for the task.

Spray a light coat of BractonSafe Stainless Steel Polish on to the surface or apply the volume equivalent of 10 cent piece to a lint free white rag and rub onto the surface, this will leave the surface spotless! In the event the stainless has tealeaf rust stains or surface corrosion, use SoSafe Metal Bright to remove these heavy stains.

BSSP12750   12x750mL Spray Packs
BSSP007   3 x 5L Carton
B   25L Drum


Removes surface rust and rust stains with ease! Ideal to clean surface rust from stainless steel, chrome and alloys. Removes rust stains from most surfaces including tiles, bath-tubs and bbqs.

SoSafe Metal Bright has been specially formulated to remove surface rust, rust‚ tea-leaf‚ stains and other rust stains from a multitude of hard surfaces. Metal Bright pacifies the surface leaving a rejuvenated finish in as-new condition.

12x750mL Spray Packs
3 x 5L Carton
25L Drum


BractonSafe Spray Away is a unique product that replaces many hazardous chemicals in the work place. The unique ability of Spray Away to cut through the heaviest grease, oil and dirt whilst disinfecting a surface to hospital standards is unmatched. Many products usually require high pH levels (alkaline detergents) to emulsify oil and grease, Spray Away will do the job in half the time with less effort. This ability to remove dirt, grease and oil with out a high pH level is not only safe for the user but also less damaging on assets and equipment.

  • Economical – 25Lt makes 150 to 275Lt of cleaning solution
  • Removes dirt, grease, grime, mould and mould spores
  • Removes bar fly breeding areas
  • Can be sprayed or used in a mop and bucket
  • No odour (perfumed version available on request)
  • Non hazardous and non toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Replaces over 20 commonly used cleaners

Simply apply the diluted Spray Away solution to the surface with a brush or mop and rinse. Spray Away, Surface Active Technology provides a total clean limiting future regrowth, keeping the bar area free from putrid odours for longer. Formulated to rapidly remove surface contaminates such as dirt, grease, grime, mould, bathroom scum and other stains from surfaces.

Spray Away for General Purpose Cleaning

  • Fast acting Spray + Wipe replacement.
  • Cellar and bar area cleaner.
  • Pre-cleaner, prior to applying BractonSafe Rejuvenator.
  • Suitable bleach replacement for bathroom cleaning.
  • Made from 4 parts water : 1 part Spray Away Concentrate.

Spray Away for Windows & Glass

  • Made from 10 parts water : 1 part Spray Away Concentrate.

Spray Away for Heavy Duty Cleaning

  • Removes shoe scuff marks from walls.
  • Removes stains from carpets.
  • Made from 0 parts water : 1 part Spray Away Concentrate.

BRACTONSAFE Spray Away Concentrate
3 x 5L Carton
25L Drum
200L Drum
1000L IBC

BRACTONSAFE Spray Away Refillable Bottles
12 x 750mL Bottles (4 of each type, filled)

  • 4 x Spray Away  – General Purpose
  • 4 x Spray Away – Window & Glass
  • 4 x Spray Away – Heavy Duty

NOTE: Empty labeled bottles are available on request


No rinse residual surface disinfectant. Bracton Bench Sanitiser Ready To Use should be used on kitchen bench tops and food preparation areas prior to and after the preparation of food items. Use for sanitising food service areas.

Safe for use in food areas. DAFF Approved. Non rinse required. Surface Active Technology.

BSRTU12x750  12x750mL Spray Packs