Air Compressors
Oil Less Air Compressors

The ACB Series air compressors are the first FDA approved in Australia with a food grade anti-corrode internal coating. Ideal for food and beverage applications, the ACB series removes the chance of internal tank corrosion, vastly improving reliability by removing the most common cause of compressor failure. Engineered to be reliable.

Automatic Draining Air Compressor

Built-in auto drain is standard in all ACB air compressors, eliminating the need for staff to manual drain condensate from the tank.

Designed to be one of the quietest air compressors in operation, the ACB series output of 53 – 55dB makes cellar operations quieter and safer.

  • Oil less operation
  • Quietest in class operation
  • Thermal safety protection
  • Low maintenance – Long service life
  • No internal corrosion
  • FDA Approved coated internal tank
  • Multi Stage Air Filter


  • Air dryer
  • Absolute silence cabinet

TUV Medical CE
TUV Industrial CE
FDA Approved Device

ACB115   0.75HP / 10L Tank/ 115LPM
ACB152   1.0HP / 30L Tank/ 152LPM
ACB304   2.0HP / 50L Tank / 304LPM
ACB460   3.0HP / 70L Tank / 460LPM (replaces ACB456)
ACBMOTOR1   Motor(Suits ACB152/304/456 models)
ACBMOTOR   Motor(Suits ACB460 models)

Ideal for use with Bracton FOBs and Flojet Beer Pumps.

Operations Manual – Bracton Silent Air Compressor
Technical Bulletin – Air Compressor
Bracton Air Compressor ACB456 -WIRING
Bracton Air Compressor ACB152 -WIRING
Bracton Air Compressor ABC304 -WIRING
Programming Electronic Drain Valve