Glycol Beer Chillers

Bracton manufactures a range of high performance glycol beer chillers ranging from 1kW to 100kW. Our glycol beer chillers platform is highly flexible allowing the perfect configuration for your specific cooling load. Ideal for beer dispense or brewery cooling applications.

glycol beer cooling diagram

Ideal for smaller applications, designed to plug-in and switch on, no refrigeration technician required.

Engineered. Reliable.

The Self Contained Sub Zero Glycol Beer Chiller is the latest in Bracton’s plug and pour range of glycol chillers. Engineered to provide years of trouble free reliable service, these systems are ideal for small commercial applications including country hotels, bowling clubs. Engineered to be affordable and reliable.

Energy efficient design
High thermal efficiency fibreglass tank minimised heat loss from tank in all Australian conditions.

Plug and pour
Designed to reduce installation costs. No need for refrigeration technician. No fuss installation. Plug in, fill up and turn on.


  • Robust 80Lt or 180Lt tank
  • Hermetic condenser
  • High flow glycol connections
  • P-Trap over flow
  • Ideal for small venues
  • Suitable for coolroom or ambient installation
  • Australian made for all conditions including tropical environments

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Product manual

brewery glycol chiller technical specifications

SZSC3300   Glycol Beer Chiller Self Contained/ 3.3Kw (-10SST)
SZSC2800   Glycol Beer Chiller Self Contained/ 2.8Kw (-10SST)
SZSC1800   Glycol Beer Chiller Self Contained/ 1.8Kw (-10SST)

For information on sizing a glycol chiller for your hotel, contact Bracton on +61 2 9938 1800.


Ideal for small to large scale beer dispense and brewery glycol crash chilling. By separating the chiller from the condensing unit you can direct unwanted heat outside of the building and maintain a low noise environment.

Remote Glycol Beer Chiller reticulation systems

The most popular beer cooling systems in Australian hotels. This design is recognised as a consistent performer in all environments. Bracton’s chassis designed provides supreme flexibility and customisation, making the ideal choice where performance and reliability matter. Suitable for installation in cool room or ambient.

Product manual

Standard options

  • 3, 5, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16kW
  • Grundfos SPK2-11, SPK4-11 or SPK4-15
  • Single or Dual Pump Redundancy
  • Refrigerant options: R404a, R134a orR22
  • 180 Litre tank
  • Will not condensate in ambient conditions

High flow rate design

Bracton designed performance manifolds ensure high glycol throughput, increasing the efficiency of the whole draught pump system. Aiding in icing of beer fonts, through the summer months. Available in a full range of configurations.

Supply manifolds are fitted standard with ball-valves, insulation and wall mount brackets. 1/2″ barbs fitted to ball valves and 1″ hose barbs fitted for connection to Glycol Beer Chiller.

SMAN21   Glycol Manifold/Supply/2 Point/1 Pump
SMAN22   Glycol Chiller Manifold/Supply/2 Point/2 Pump
SMAN41   Glycol Chiller Manifold/Supply/4 Point/1 Pump
SMAN42   Glycol Chiller Manifold/Supply/4 Point/2 Pump
SMAN61   Glycol Chiller Manifold/Supply/6 Point/1 Pump
SMAN62   Glycol Chiller Manifold/Supply/6 Point/2 Pump
SMAN81   Glycol Chiller Manifold/Supply/8 Point/1 Pump
SMAN82   Glycol Chiller Manifold/Supply/8 Point/2 Pump
SMAN101   Glycol Chiller Manifold/Supply/10 Point/1 Pump
SMAN102  Glycol Chiller Manifold/Supply/10 Point/2 Pump
SMAN121   Glycol Chiller Manifold/Supply/12 Point/1 Pump
SMAN122   Glycol Chiller Manifold/Supply/12 Point/2 Pump
SMAN141   Glycol Chiller Manifold/Supply/14 Point/1 Pump
SMAN142   Glycol Chiller Manifold/Supply/14 Point/2 Pump
SMAN141   Glycol Chiller Manifold/Supply/16 Point/1 Pump
SMAN142   Glycol Chiller Manifold/Supply/16 Point/2 Pump
RMAN2   Glycol Chiller Manifold/Return/2 Point
RMAN4   Glycol Chiller Manifold/Return/4 Point
RMAN6   Glycol Chiller Manifold/Return/6 Point
RMAN8   Glycol Chiller Manifold/Return/8 Point
RMAN10   Glycol Chiller Manifold/Return/10 Point
RMAN12   Glycol Chiller Manifold/Return/12 Point
RMAN14   Glycol Chiller Manifold/Return/14 Point
RMAN15   Glycol Chiller Manifold/Return/16 Point