Ice bank beer coolers

Bracton imports a complete range of Celli Ice Bank Beer Coolers made in Italy to our specification. Using the latest in production methods, our beer ice banks are built for Australian conditions, using stainless steel bodies to withstand our harsh environment.

bracton celli ice bank geo50v
GEO Series Dimensions
Ice Bank Beer Coolers

The Celli Ice Bank Coolers have extra long product coils to ensure beer is dispensed at the optimum temperature. Reliable European built condensers ensure years of quality performance without failure.

  • Built for Australian conditions
  • High energy efficiency – advanced insulation
  • Longest product lines in industry
  • For the coldest ice bank dispensed beer
  • Stainless case and floor pan
  • Ideal for salty environments
  • Rapid ice bank discharge hose (no need to siphon)
  • Casing with integrated pump and coils
  • Horizontal and vertical options
  • New stylish front panel with cover inside to protect electrical parts

For frozen or iced fonts, consider upgrading your ice bank to Bracton’s SubZero hybrid technology. Delivering the benefits of a glycol system with reserve cooling capacity.

GEO27V   Vertical / 1/4HP / 12Kg Bank / 3 Coil (383x383x711mm WDH)

GEO50V   Vertical / 1/2HP / 22Kg Bank / 4 Coil (439x439x818mm WDH)

GEO50H   Horizontal / 1/2HP / 22Kg Bank / 4 Coil (645x441x542mm WDH)

GEO75H   Horizontal / 3/4HP / 35Kg Bank / 6 Coil (767x557x564mm WDH)

BRAVE90BC   Horizontal / 1HP / 39Kg Bank / 6 Coil (887x552x736mm WDH)