Beer pumps
   Flojet G56 Beer Pump

Designed for dispensing draft beer from keg through both long or short, vertical or horizontal line runs while maintaining the brewers recommended applied pressure on the beer. The gas pressure applied to the beer and the air/gas pressure applied to the pump, to move the beer from the vessel to the point of dispense, are completely separate, thus ensuring the repeatable quality of presentation and taste to the consumer.


FJG56   Beer Pump + 10mm barbs / Flojet G56
FJFRV   Flow reversal valve / Flojet G56

Beer pumps can be powered by a Bracton Silient Air Compressor

flojet tee brass
flojet g56 flow reversal valve
   Flojet accessories

Flojet accessories allow pumps to be configured to minimise connections.

FJFRV Flojet Flow Reversal Valve Suit G56
FJN1/4O Flojet T5000 liquid outlet barb 1/4 hose tail S/S
FJN3/8O Flojet T5000 liquid outlet barb 3/8 hose tail S/S
21000232B Flojet T5000 Outlet John Guest 3/8″OD 12PACK
21000229B Flojet G56 Outlet John Guest 3/8″OD 12PACK
FJPEL Flojet plastic elbow / Liquid. 2 pack
FJGEL Flojet gas shut-off brass elbow
FJGTE Flojet gas shut-off brass tee FJGI 30 Flojet gas shut-off brass barb
FJPTVE Flojet BIB transfer valve w/elbows