Soft drink & Post mix dispense equipment

Bracton has formed a partnership with Celli S.p.A. the leaders in post mix dispense equipment for over 42 years. Celli manufactures approved post mix equipment for Coca Cola, Pepsi, Schweppes and independent syrup companies.

Bracton distributes Celli post mix equipment throughout Australia among other world leading brands. It is our mission to deliver the quality post mix dispense equipment at an affordable price.


Innovation, technology, quality, design: these are the keystones that characterise the world of soft drink dispensing. An evolving market, where the drinking experience and branding experience become decisive in the relationship with the beverage industry and the end consumer. With its multi-valve technology, Celli offers Soft Drink Dispensers able to manage different combinations of beverages forming a perfect mix and valorising them with personalised flavours and aromas.

Energy saving, efficiency and reliability achieve new high standards thanks to remote monitoring, an innovative technology that enables endless applications and opens up new strategic possibilities.

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