Bracton Commercial Dishwashers


Presentation is everything when it comes to food. Bracton high performance dishwashers provide a perfect clean cycle after cycle! The Bracton Dishwashers are made to last; Brass solenoids, Stainless Rinse Tank and Low Voltage Touch Panel to ensure you don’t see the repairman often either. The Bracton Dishwasher range consists of UC series: Undercounter dishwasher range or PT series: Passthrough dishwasher range.

The new Bracton Dishwashers represent the next step in evolution for commercial dishwashers, using the latest technology to provide greater reliability at the best price!

  • Low voltage touch panel‚ safer, more reliable and no more sticky buttons!
  • 1 Minute, 2 Minute (PT Series) & 3 Minute cycle
  • Stainless 304 Rinse Tank
  • Satin Finish – Stainless 304 Body
  • Minimal water usage per cycle (3.5L) minimising environmental impact resulting in lower water & electricity bills
  • Easy to clean‚ Accessible filters.
  • Auto start or one button start
  • Robust brass solenoids
  • Ergonomics & Safety
  • Easy glide racks
  • Splash proof controls
  • Cycle cut-out micro switch in case of accidental door opening
  • 12 month warranty parts & labour


Cycle Times: 1 min / 2 min / 3 min
Detergent Pump: Optional

Power supply: 415v 3 Phase 50Hz
Washing pump:750w
Boiler heater element: 6000w
Tank heater element: 3000w

Temperature: >50C
Pressure: 200 – 400 Kpa
Flow Rate Minimum: 20 Lpm
Hot Water consumption: 3 Litres
Connection: 20mm (BSP Male)
Waste: 40mm

Theoretical output (racks p/hr): 55

Rack dimensions: 500mm x 500mm
Net weight: 99Kg
Rack Clearance: 380mm

Model – Size

PT2 – Bracton Pass Through Dishwasher V2

bracton dishwashers


Cycle Times: 1 min / 3 min (soak)
Detergent Pump: Standard
Rinse Aid Pump: Standard

Power supply: 240v 50 Hz
Amps: 15A
Washing pump: 550w
Boiler heater element: 3000w
Tank heater element: 2000w

Temperature (pref): >50C
Pressure: 200 – 400 Kpa
Flow Rate Minimum: 20 Lpm
Hot Water consumption: >3 Litres
Connection: 20mm (BSP Male)
Waste: Standard drain hose to S-Trap

Theoretical output (racks per hour): 55

Rack dimensions: 450mm x 450mm (UC450 Series) 500mm x 500mm (UC500 Series)
Net weight: 48Kg (UC450 Series) 52Kg (UC500 Series)
Rack Clearance: 270mm (UC450 Series) 330mm (UC500 Series)

Model – Size

UC450 – Bracton Dishwasher 450mm Rack
UC500 – Bracton Dishwasher 500mm Rack

bracton dishwasher UC500

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