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Traditional fill and dump style glass washers consumes an average 10 litres of hot water per cycle.

Bracton glass washers only consume an average of 2 litres of hot water per cycle. Imagine how much your venue could save by switching over to an energy efficient model! Our research indicates savings of about $1,000 per year per machine for the normal pub.

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Beer Equipment & Hospitality Chemicals

For over forty years, Bracton has continued to innovate and manufacture solutions to help hotels and clubs across Australasia dispense the best beer in town.

Bracton is the only company which both designs and builds beer equipment and formulates the worldwide approved DP1 & DP2 beer line and glass wash detergents. We have partnered with leading beer equipment manufacturers from around the world, Including Perlick Corp - USA, Bevex Beverage Python - UK and Brewfitt - UK, to bring the latest beverage dispense equipment and worlds best practice together.

Bracton sell a wide variety of beer equipment, including beer fonts, beer coolers (ice-bank, glycol), mobile bars, stainless steel connections, keg couplers, glasswashers, dishwashers, postmix equipment, beer line cleaning equipment, chemicals and more.…


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Beer Equipment - Advice

All Bracton clients have access to our technical staff. Our technical staff undergo multidisciplinary training to understand of how each subsystem integrates within a beer system to make a functioning system. i.e The function and effects of beer gas, transfer equipment, coolant fluids, coolant equipment, hygiene and glass management has on beverage presentation and flavour. This in-depth understanding of beer systems ensure we develop robust dispense systems for all environments.

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