Cellar Area

Bracton manufactures a complete range of specialist chemicals for use in cellars, including beer line cleaners, coolants, floor cleaners, mould removers and gas leak detection fluids.


Not all Propylene Glycol is the same. By using Bracton Long Life Propylene Glycol at the correct ratio, your venue is taking preventative maintenance action to protect against:

  • Corrosion within glycol storage tanks
  • Microbial growth reducing or blocking flow rates (Jelly formation)
  • Unscheduled down time – i.e. system freezing
  • Wear on equipment through increased loads on glycol pumps
  • Increased electricity consumption


Bracton USP Grade Long Life Glycol with FDA approved preservative and corrosion control has five times the life span of standard USP Grade Propylene glycol. Bractons’ special formulation ensures your system remains hygienic and corrosion free for longer. Ideal for food

Suitable for use in beverage cooling systems, food processing, laser systems, wineries, engineering and other heat transfer applications.

Product Data Sheet – Bracton Long Life Propylene Glycol

Bracton USP Grade Long Life Propylene Glycol
3 x 5Kg Carton
25Kg Drum
1000Kg IBC


Propylene Glycol is an excellent heat transfer liquid with low toxicity, suitable for food grade applications such as beverage cooling and food processing. One drawback is that Propylene Glycol has an average shelf life of twelve months from date of manufacture, when stored in accordance with PG manufacturers guidelines (below 40C and away from UV light sources). Given that Propylene Glycol is for the most part imported into Australia, the actual shelf life is closer to 8 – 10 months by the time glycol enters into operation. As Propylene Glycol is exposed to operational environments including elevated temperatures and oxidisation, Propylene Glycol fluid reacts becoming acidic, in turn increasing the wear on equipment and higher maintenance costs.

Bracton have developed an easy to use food grade additive, designed to preserve the shelf life of USP grade propylene glycol by up to five times in normal conditions. Bracton Propylene Glycol Preservative is made with food grade FDA approved materials and has been employed to protect food processing systems of some the worlds largest multi-national food manufacturers, breweries, hotels and industrial manufacturers. Bracton Propylene Glycol Preservative serves as the front line defense, protecting against systems against acidity, corrosion while inhibiting mould and fungus growth.

By choosing to use Bracton Propylene Glycol Preservative in heat transfer applications, your company will save in replacement and maintenance costs.

Ideal for use on:
• Commercial & Domestic Draught Beer Systems
• Food Processing systems
• Dairy, Seafood and Wine production systems
• Any commercial or industrial system that requires glycol use.

• Prevents corrosion
• Prevents bacterial build up
• Prevents circulation blockage
• Extends the life of Propylene Glycol
• Increases efficiency in systems

Use: Bracton Propylene Glycol Preservative 10Lt treats 200Kg of pure propylene glycol (UNDILUTED).

Product Data Sheet – Bracton Glycol Preservative

Bracton Glycol Preservative
12 x 500mL
3 x 5L carton
25L drum
200L drum
1000L tote


Glycol / water concentration should be tested on a weekly basis to prevent line freezing. This can be done quickly with the Bracton Refractometer and dilution chart. It is important to get the propylene glycol / water concentration correct, too low of a glycol concentration will increase the risk of freezing the system, too high of a glycol concentration will cause additional load placed on the glycol pumping system increasing electricity and maintenance costs.

The Bracton Glycol Refractometer is:

  • Easy to use
  • High quality, accurate testing result
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)‚ (accurate analysis in all temperatures)

Product Data Sheet – Bracton Long Life Propylene Glycol


In the event of a blockage in the cooling system lines, beverage heat exchanger or fonts, the system can be flushed with Bracton Font Cleaner. Font Cleaner can be re-circulated through the system will break down the jelly which was formed through a reaction between the acidity of the previous glycol solution and metals in the system. Consult your beer technician or Bracton direct for more information.

10L Kit


Spray Away is a concentrated surface cleaner suitable for use in food areas. Bracton Spray Away is a unique product that replaces many hazardous chemicals in the work place. Most products usually require high pH levels (alkaline detergents) to emulsify oil and grease, but Spray Away will do the job in half the time, with less effort. This ability to remove dirt, grease and oil with out a high pH level is not only safe for the user but also less damaging on assets and equipment.

  • Economical – 25L makes 150 to 275L of cleaning solution
  • Removes dirt, grease, grime, mould and mould spores
  • Removes bar fly breeding areas
  • Can be sprayed or used in a mop & bucket
  • No odour (perfumed version available on request)
  • Non hazardous + non toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • AQIS Approved
  • Replaces over 20 commonly used cleaners

Spray Away has already been specified by some of Australia’s leading hospitality groups, delivering a significant reduction in the quantity of chemicals required to be stored in the workplace.

Simply apply the diluted Spray Away solution to the surface with a brush or mop and rinse. Spray Away, Surface Active Technology provides a total clean limiting future regrowth, keeping the bar area free from putrid odours for longer. Formulated to rapidly remove surface contaminates such as dirt, grease, grime, mould, bathroom scum and other stains from surfaces.


When the keg is dispatched from the brewery, bacteria can grow in between the keg seal and tamper cap. Prior to tapping a keg of beer or connecting any transfer / drop leads, a quick spray with food-safe odourless Bracton Food Safe Anti Bacterial Spray (Keg Coupling) Ready-To-Use Spray (Stock Code: BK002) will leave a thin bactericidal film, ensuring bacteria free connections every time. Available in ready to use spray bottles or concentrated dilutable disinfecting packs. Food Grade. AQIS Approved.

Product Data Sheet – Bracton Keg Coupling Disinfecting – Concentrate

Product Data Sheet – Bracton Sanitiser-Food Grade Concentrate

Bracton Sanitiser-Food Grade RTU Spray (RTU)
4 x 1L packed with sprayers

Bracton Sanitiser-Food Grade Concentrate
12 x 500mL concentrate cartons


Breweries recommend keg couplers, beer taps and other beer fittings should be disassembled and soaked once a fortnight, this is ideally done during the soaking time of beer line cleaning process to minimise any down time. Immerse fittings into 10 Litres of water and add 500mL of Bracton Taps & Fittings Soaker (Stock Code: BTF002) for up to 20 minutes to remove beer stone, mould, fungus and any surface corrosion build-up. Rinse & Brush fittings under water after soaking and apply Bracton Anti Bacterial Keg Coupling Spray to sanitise.

Product Data Sheet – Taps + Fittings (cleaner) Soaker

Bracton Taps + Fittings Soaker
3 x 5L Carton


A strip of test papers for convenient and simple method of testing when Beerline Cleaner is present. Turns blue in alkaline solutions. A must for safety. USAGE: After performing normal brewery cleaning process and flushing, test for alkalinity by taking a pink test paper and wetting it with beerline flush water from tap. If it changes to a bluish colour, then continue flushing with water, retest till paper stays pink. Pink colour on testing means it is safe to remove signs.

Bracton Test Papers
200 Strip Pack


Meet your occupational health and safety requirements with a Bracton PPE set containing suitable PVC gloves and goggles for manual handling of any hazardous chemicals.


Reduce OH&S issues with Bracton stainless steel drum trolleys, ideal to reduce unnecessary lifting while keeping 15, 20 & 25Lt drums off the floor.


Open 15, 20 & 25Lt drums quickly and easily with a universal drum spanner.


Simple, efficient and accurate, BractonSafe Gas Leak Testing Solution is designed to make gas supply leak testing quick and easy. Simply spray and watch for bubbles to identify leaks. Specifically formulated to prevent bacteria, mould growth & corrosion. Ideal to be used in conjunction with the Australian Standards / Bracton AS 5034 Logbook.