Gas Regulators

CO2 Regulators and AS5034 CO2 Gas Boards

Bracton CO2 regulators can be found running the smallest and largest beer dispense systems in Australia. Our beer gas regulators have been developed by the industrial and medical experts at Gentec. Designed to perform in high flow low pressure environments our equipment is the trusted choice by hotels across Australia.

Bracton CO2 regulators are compliant with relevant gas regulations including AS5034 providing they are installed by an appropriately qualified technician.


Primary gas boards are delivered with a primary break down regulator in addition to secondary regulators. Secondary gas boards require a primary break down regulation prior to connection to a gas cylinder

Model – Size

GA-TEP – Gas Control Board – primary only
GA-TEP1SHV – 1 way Primary CO2 regulator gas board / Hi-flow
GA-TEP2SHV – 2 way Primary CO2 regulator gas board / Hi-flow
GA-TEP3SHV – 3 way Primary CO2 regulator gas board / Hi-flow
GA-TEP4SHV – 4 way Primary CO2 regulator gas board. Hi-flow
GA-TE2SHV – 2 way Gentec Secondary Hi-flow
GA-TE3SHV – 3 way Gentec Secondary Hi-flow
GA-TE4SHV – 4 way Gentec Secondary. Hi-flow

bracton CO2 regulator gas board


Bracton regulators meet Australian standards when installed in accordance with AS5034.

Model – Size

.GA8005 – CO2 bottle mount regulator 1 stage AS5034
GA8006 – NO2 bottle mount regulator 1 stage AS5034
GA8090 – CO2 2 Stage Bottle Mount AS5034
GA8095 – NO2 2 Stage Bottle Mount AS5034

bottle mount co2 regulators AS5034


Bracton Cellar Warn range of CO2 Monitors are a low cost, simple to use CO2 monitor. These monitors will alert staff in the event of a CO2 leak allowing leaks to be managed safely and in accordance with AS5034 regulations.

Model – Size

GDCWCO2 – Cellar Warn CO2 gas detector
GDCWREP – Cellar Warn CO2 gas detector repeater
GDCWCO2/O2 – Cellar Warn CO2/O2 gas detector
GDCWCAL/K – Cellarwarn flow adaptor
GDCAGE – Monitor protection cage



Flojet the industry leader in beer pumps. Flojet beer pumps can be run on air or CO2. However due to safety in cellar concerns we recommend using Flojet Beer Pumps with a Bracton silent air compressor.

Model – Size

FJG56 – Beer Pump + 10mm barbs / Flojet G56
FJFRV – Flow reversal valve / Flojet G56

For information on integrated FOB and Flojet beer pump systems, click here.



Model – Size

TUP0610BK – Tube / PU / Black / 6x10mm
TUP0610YE – Tube / PU / Yellow / 6x10mm
TUC102CBL – Tube / Coiled / Transparent / 6x10mm / 2 Metre
TUC105CBL – Tube / Coiled / Transparent / 6x10mm / 5 Metre
TUC105BK – Tube / Coiled / Black / 6x10mm / 5 Metre
TUC105YE – Tube / Coiled / Yellow / 6x10mm / 5 Metre
TUC125YE – Tube / Coiled / Yellow / 8x12mm / 5 Metre



Model – Size

GA5030 – AS5034 anti-whip NRV CO2 cylinder arm
GA5040 – AS5034 anti-whip CO2 cylinder arm
GA5050 – AS5034 anti-whip NRV NO2 cylinder arm
GA5060 – AS5034 anti-whip NO2 cylinder arm

GA5380 – Hosetail / 6mm x 1/4″bspm
GA5380S – Hosetail / 6mm x 1/4″bspm / S/S
GA5381 – Hosetail / 9.5mm x 1/4″bspm /- Brass
GA5381S – Hosetail / 9.5mm x 1/4″bspm / S/S

TES100610 – Tee / Reducing / SS / 10x6x10mm
TES100610BR – Tee / Reducing / SS / 10x6x10mm w/ bracket
GA5450 – Gas Ceiling Mount /IN:1/4″ OUT:1/4″ Acetal
GA5455 – Gas Ceiling Mount IN:1/2″ / OUT:1/4″bsp SS
GA5460 – Ceiling mount.IN:1/4″bsp / OUT:3/4″bsp Acetal

GA5400 – Cylinder Bracket / Single – S/S
GA5401 – Cylinder Bracket / Single – Grey Powdercoated
GA5402 – Cylinder Bracket / Single – Plastic
GA5403 – Cylinder Bracket / Dual – Grey Powdercoated
GA5404 – Cylinder Bracket / Dual – Plastic

GA5410 – CO2 Washer / Harris (yellow)
GA5420 – CO2 Washer / Nylon