Technical News
Flooding Diagram
Brave 90 – Update 10A to 15A plug

Celli has informed us of an upcoming change to all Brave 90 coolers to 15A power plugs. This will better accomodate electricity demand during compressor cycles and prevent plug degradation over time.

Font air bleeding tool

When installing Bracton fonts we recommend using our font tool. This handy little tool can be used to release end caps on most of our font range* to remove air locks to assist in evenly cooling the font lines.  *For beverage fonts which do not use this tool require an allen key to undo the screw on the bleed port. For more information contact your local Bracton representative. PART: CCF0820

Bracton capital investment

Bracton has implemented a new capital investment strategy to drive greater efficiencies and growth into the next decade. Bracton has signed to acquire a new DMG Mori CNC lathe that will be delivered in September. We will be following this up in late 2019 with a highly customised and advanced Lincoln robotic welding cell. These technologies will provide improved production responsiveness and R&D prototyping capability combined with a new approach to repetitive production.

This investment will ensure Bracton’s stainless production line will be the most advanced in Australia delivering a high level of control and automation. Furthermore, this will ensure the majority of stainless components will continue to designed and made in Australia.

4 Coil chiller plates – Discontinued

To improve the way we manage stock we will be discontinuing stocking of 4 coil chiller plates and increasing holdings of the 6, 8 and 10 coil plates. We expect existing 4 coil stock holdings to last to June/July.

Font spigot size – Standardised

All Bracton fonts spigots (bosses) will be transitioning to 32mm over the next few months. The reason for this change is to bring 3/4” spigots in line with direct tap connections & cobra connections compatible with 32mm or multi clamp branding holders. If any doubt about ordering branding holders just mark the order, “holders to suit”.

6 March 2019
B-Lock quick connect seals

There are a number of B-Lock connection brands available in the market place and while all efforts are made to maximise compatibility between brands (current and past) there is will always be some variation between brands. In an effort to maintain the highest level of compatibility we use and recommend the BS015 o-ring which in our experience provides the best connections across all samples we have tested. In some cases a BS014 o-ring may provide improved connections and can be purchased separately.

6 March 2019
Agitator pump range review

Agitator spare parts range will be streamlined to MID7, STA-8, STD23 and Totton SPC54. Both RIO-7 and STP-18 agitator pumps will be discontinued as they are no longer being used in Bracton ice bank coolers.

RIO-7 to be replaced by MID-7 model

STP-18 to be replaced by STD-23 model